This Man Sold And Shipped Snow During A Historically Harsh Winter; Now He's Got A New Scheme For Fall

October 12, 2015Oct 12, 2015

Last year a Boston-area man achieved what would have seemed impossible — selling snow and shipping it by mail during a historically harsh winter on the East Coast. And amazingly, he sold more than 718 pounds of the white stuff through


Now, according to Reuters, Kyle Waring of Somerville, Massachusetts is cashing in on another season: autumn.

Missing fall colors after your move to Tuscon? For just $19.99, you can enjoy the colors of a beloved season with multi-colored leaves shipped right to your front door.

How successful has Waring already been with his new

"I've hit over 200 sales so far," he reported.

The leaves are shipped in a special mixture to preserve them during transport.

Any seasonal ideas for what he could cash in on next?