THIS Major University Turns To Segregation To Increase Graduation Rates

February 03, 2016Feb 03, 2016

The University of Connecticut is trying something controversial to help raise the graduation rates of African-American students.  Some would call it forward thinking but others see it as a frightening return to a bygone era.

The university is getting ready to introduce segregation on their campus as a tool to increase the graduation rates.  According to Fox News, school officials are set to launch a program called “ScHOLA²RS House” in which 40 African-American students live exclusively together. 

The name stands for “Scholastic House of Leaders who are African American Researchers and Scholars.”  Erik Hines, the professor who will serve as a faculty advisor to the exclusive house said that males students “who identify as African American/Black or mixed-race will be prioritized in selection, however an student interested in engaging in topics related to the experience of black males in higher education is invited to apply.”

The outrage over this experiment in segregation comes from students of all races and genders.  “Forget about this nonsense and just treat students without regard to skin color,” President of the Center for Equal Opportunity Roger Clegg said.  “If there are students of color who are at risk or who could use some access to special programs, that’s fine, but schools shouldn’t be using race as a proxy for who’s at risk and who’s going to have a hard time as a student.  There are lots of African-American students who come from advantaged backgrounds.  And lots of non-African American students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.”

Do you think UConn’s new program is a good thing?  Or do you think it re-introduces segregation into this country?