This Is Where Hurricane Harvey Is Headed Next

August 30, 2017Aug 30, 2017

Hurricane Harvey made landfall on Friday and has been wreaking havoc since. The Category 4 storm has caused devastation all throughout Texas and is now making its way toward other states.


The storm first hit land in South Texas and then made its way further inland before circling back around. Now, it is on the move. The tropical storm is expected to ease up in the Houston area and make its way more northeast.

According to the National Hurricane Center, the storm hit southwestern Louisiana on Tuesday night and will continue moving around the state on Wednesday. It will move from the southwestern area to a more central part of the state, before making its way up north.

After hitting northern Louisiana, it is projected to move toward northwestern Mississippi on Thursday. Reportedly, the storm will produce an additional three to six inches of rain throughout southwestern Louisiana, Tennessee, and Kentucky. 

Warnings about flash floods have increased as well, as the total rainfall could reach up to 10 inches in isolated areas. The heavy rain has reached its end in Houston and Galveston areas, though the extreme flooding will continue throughout the week.

The storm is also projected to affect various parts of the central and eastern Gulf States with three to six inches of rainfall. An additional two to four inches will fall in portions of the Tennessee Valley, Ohio Valley, and southern mid-Atlantic. 

Please continue praying for all of the victims and for everyone in the line of Harvey's path. Share your prayers on Facebook. In other hurricane news, an American company just donated $10,000,000 to victims of Hurricane Harvey.

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