THIS Is Troubling Proof That The Obama Administration Is Blatantly Targeting Christians

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June 20, 2016Jun 20, 2016

For those people who don’t believe that Christians are being persecuted and minimized in America, it is time to wake up.

After the radical Islamic terrorist attack in Obama told Americans that “we” were partly responsible for the attacks. Obama also refused to acknowledge that the terrorist was Muslim and that he pledged allegiance to ISIS. The mainstream media quickly shifted the narrative by referring to the terrorist as the ‘shooter’ and referring to the terrorist attack as a ‘shooting.’  While technically they may be correct in the fact that he did ‘shoot’ people. This wasn’t a mass shooting. Orlando was a premeditated terrorist attack committed in the name of Islam and ISIS.

On Monday, the Department of Justice released the transcript of the terrorist’s phone call to the Orlando Police Department during his attack. The terrorist was giving praise to Allah and reportedly shouting “Alluha Akbar,” but according to Fox News, the mention of Allah, Islam, and ISIS have been removed from the official transcript by the Department of Justice and the FBI.

Obama stood in front of the American people on national television and told us that he doesn’t use the words “radical Islamic terrorism” because they are just words and that words in themselves don’t matter.  If words don’t matter then why were they scrubbed from an official transcript? They are just words.

The act, even more sinister than redacting the truthful words, is the fact that the Obama administration replaced the word “Allah” with “God” in the transcript.  It is clear evidence that the current administration has blatant disregard for Christianity. Muslims don’t worship God. They worship Allah. One can argue that Allah is the Arabic translation for God, but no Muslim person says they worship God. They only use the name “Allah.”  The only possible reason for changing the name “Allah” to “God” in the transcript is for the administration to place the blame on Christianity or at the very least have Christianity share the blame alongside Islam.

The blatant censoring and re-writing of the terrorists final words show that the Obama administration believe that Islam is the victim of this terrorist attack. This might be the single most heinous and deceitful act that the Obama administration has participated in.