This Is The Damage That Hurricane Harvey Is Projected to Cause

August 25, 2017Aug 25, 2017

The damage that Hurricane Harvey is projected to cause has been rapidly escalating in the last two days. On Thursday, the tropical storm was determined to become a Category 1 hurricane. On Friday morning, the National Hurricane Center declared that the storm is now "life-threatening" and will move up to Category 3.

Now, information is being released about the potential damage that this hurricane will actually cause. More than 90,000 people have already been ordered to evacuate their homes in light of the storm. Others in the Gulf have been urged to take extreme caution and potentially evacuate as well. 

On Friday afternoon, Bloomberg reported the number of homes that will be potentially affected. More than 230,000 on the Texas coast are at risk of damage.

The reconstruction value of these homes is about $39.6 billion. The biggest number of houses at risk are in the Houston area. 

Harvey will be the first storm of this magnitude to hit Texas since 2008. That year, Ike caused about $29.5 billion in damage.

Not only will houses and other buildings be negatively affected, cars are at extreme risk as well. The risk of flooding and cars being totaled has dramatically escalated with the increasing size of the storm. Additionally, many oil refineries and offshore platforms will be damaged. Below is the projected path and impact area.

According to Forbes, many homeowners in Texas still do not have flood insurance. In Houston, only one in six homes has the necessary insurance. 

At this point, however, house and car damages are the least of many Texan's concerns. They are being told to evacuate and act as though their lives are at risk.

Please continue praying for the people that will be affected by this vicious storm. President Trump and First Lady Melania just spoke out about the storm and shared their prayers for everyone involved and their action plan for recovery. 

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