This Is How Much You The Taxpayers Paid For The President To Play Golf

October 18, 2015Oct 18, 2015

On Thursday, Judicial Watch obtained records from the United States Air Force showing just how much taxpayers across the country paid for Obama to play a round of golf in Palm Springs, CA as well as how much it cost to transport the president to a fundraiser in Los Angeles.


The figures below are only for the travel costs.  They do not include the massive security measures that are implemented everywhere the President travels, or his lodging, or his meals.

According to Judicial Watch:

It cost taxpayers $1,031,685 for a five hour flight to Palm Springs on February 14th, 2015 so that Obama could play a round of golf at the Sunnylands Country Club.

For a game of golf in Palm City on March 28th, 2015, a four hour flight cost American citizens $804,870.30

While on a fundraising trip for the Democratic Party in March, 2015, Obama’s travel costs burdened taxpayers of all political affiliations to the tune of $1,980,835.20.

Understandably, the President is required to travel for his duties as the leader of the country.  However, the numbers revealed by Judicial Watch’s oversight show a clear disregard for the financial crisis that America is facing.  Government spending is out of control.  America is almost 18 trillion dollars in debt. 

Why are the President’s personal pleasure trips being funded by the American people?  Anytime the average citizen wants to go on vacation, they must pay for the entire trip out of their own pocket.

According to Judicial Watch, this spending is not out of the ordinary.  To date, the known amount for all of the Obamas and Biden’s travels exceeds over $61 million dollars.  Judging by how much the golf outings were, one could expect the number is significantly more than $61 million.