This Has Rush FED UP!

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February 19, 2016Feb 19, 2016

As someone who constantly delves into the issues of the day and hears the opinions of people across America, there are a number of things that can draw the ire of conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh.

But here's something that really gets him fed up.


In his show yesterday, someone called in defending Pope Francis for insinuating that Donald Trump is not a Christian because he wants to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

The called said, "I don't see [Pope Francis']... answer to the question about Donald Trump as an attack on Trump per se but a way of saying, 'Listen, everyone has equal dignity, and if you're just going to put up a wall or some kind of barrier and not address the problems that people have and how to take care of people, the poor, the hungry, then there's a problem.'"

Rush fired back, "You know what? There is no country on earth that has done more for our own poor and for the poor around the world. We are not the ones that need to be targeted. There is no country on earth that can touch us in charitable efforts, in disaster relief efforts, in doing everything to help. We do not live under a suicide pact in the name of compassion, because you see what's incorporated in all this is that we're guilty of something. And we're not. We lead the world in goodness."

He continued after a commercial break, "Ladies and gentlemen, the last caller was classic. The United States is guilty. We're not treating people fairly. We're not treating people with dignity. Building a wall is an affront and an insult, and we have no right.
I believe the number is 70% of the world's refugees since World War II have been taken in by the United States. Every year... the United States admits more legal immigrants than the rest of the world combined."

He then pointed out that the U.S accepted 1.6 million legal immigrants last year when compared to Mexico's 1,500 immigrants over the past 10 years.

Rush added, "We never get any gratitude for what we do. We just are constantly ripped. And people are fed up with it."
Do you think Rush Limbaugh is right on the money with this?