This Grandma Has The Courage To Risk Everything For Her Faith--And Our Freedom

November 17, 2016Nov 17, 2016

Meet Barronelle Stutzman, the owner of Arlene's Flowers in Richland, Washington. She is currently on trial because she refused to make a floral arrangement for a gay wedding. The two men, who had been customers of hers for nearly 10 years, turned around and sued her. Now she is fighting for her religious liberty and for the liberty of all Americans, reports the Christian Post.


"The government is telling me there is one choice — either I give up my faith and my freedom or I lose everything I own," Stutzman said. Referring to the gay man suing her, she said, "Rob has the freedom to act on his beliefs and that is all that I am asking, for that same freedom. Our Constitution protects that freedom but it just isn't about my freedom, it is about all of our freedoms."

Not only is she fighting for her religious liberty, she's fighting for her business and retirement.  The Christian Post reports: "The 70-year-old Stutzman is now at risk of not only losing her business but also losing her life savings and personal retirement assets."


Hundreds came out to support Stutzman this week, standing with her to fight for religious freedom. She told the crowd of supporters: "When the government can come in and tell you what to do, what to create and what to believe, we do not live in a free America. Protecting our beliefs isn't a negative thing like some people say it is. It's good things like justice, reason, fairness and respect. However this court rules, it will not effect my faith and my love for all."

The Washington Supreme Court is expected to give Stutzman a written decision in the next couple of months. If she loses this battle, she will likely take it to the United States Supreme Court, where this case could decide the religious freedom rights for all of us. Let's pray and stand with Stutzman, do you agree?

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