This Former President Won't Be Attending a Billy Graham Memorial This Week

February 28, 2018Feb 28, 2018

President Donald Trump spoke at Reverend Billy Graham's memorial service today on the Capitol Hill. The man, known as "America's Pastor," will lie in honor there Wednesday and Thursday.

President Trump isn't the only public official to pay his respects to the great religious leader. However, one former president has decided he won't be attending memorial services this week, reported Yahoo

According to his office, former President Barack Obama is not planning to attend memorial services for Graham. The office disclosed the news earlier this week, but they did not give a reason.

Obama tweeted last week after Graham's death that he was "a humble servant who prayed for so many" and who gave hope to generations.

Former President George W. Bush is paid his respects to Graham, who is also known as the pastor to presidents because of all the presidents he advised, on Monday afternoon at his library in North Carolina. Former President Bill Clinton visited Graham in North Carolina on Tuesday.

In addition to speaking at his memorial in D.C., Trump is expected to attend Graham's funeral Friday in North Carolina.

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