This Couple Announced They're Having a Baby in the Most Epic Way Possible

June 08, 2017Jun 08, 2017

Tessa Murdock is a photographer who lives in Salt Lake City. She and her husband have been trying to have a baby for 3 years.

When Tessa and her husband finally found out they were expecting a child, they decided to come up with an epic way to share it with their family and friends.

As anyone who has ever had a baby knows, there are seemingly dozens of people you have to tell the news too. That’s when the couple got the best idea ever.

They got all of their family and friends together and said they were going to take a group photo with each other. On any occasion, this is a pretty normal thing to do.

However, at the exact moment that everyone is saying “cheese”, Tessa’s husband yells out “Tessa’s pregnant”. The reaction from the family is priceless!

Everyone was expecting to have a normal photo taken. But when they hear the news, their faces suddenly change. Watch the video below and see why it’s going viral!

Everyone was so happy and shocked at the news! As the video states, it is truly an inspiring way for a couple to share their journey to parenthood and give hope to others.

What do you think about their announcement? Was this an awesome way to tell everyone?

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