This Company Made a 'Refugee Dress' and Customers are Outraged

August 08, 2017Aug 08, 2017

Many clothing companies have been criticized for having a lack of political correctness after creating a product that is offensive. UZINYC’s newest dress is the latest controversial piece of clothing that is causing outrage.

The dress in question is a short, loosely fitted cotton dress that has a “slight wrinkle effect.” It is sold for $119 online and in their partner stores.

The dress is not under public fire for the price or the style, but rather for the name. The company named it a “Refugee Dress.” Customers let the company know of their disapproval of the name through social media.

After much criticism, the company was forced to change the name from “Refugee Dress” to “Oxford Dress.” While the title was changed on the online page, they forgot to change the name on the photo captions. The black version of the dress is still captioned as “black refugee dress.”

When questioned about the name of the garment, UZINYC co-founder Mari Gustafson said that it was purposeful.

She said, “We feel that it is important to keep these issues within public discourse. The American economy has recovered, and through perseverance and luck our company has recovered as well. We are now able to provide jobs for others and give them a sense of hope and stability. We are sorry if we have disturbed anyone.”

Even after the explanation, customers are upset that a company would use someone’s suffering for a profit. One Twitter user wrote, “Refugees are neither ‘nomads’ nor sales gimmick. Apologize, rename dress, donate to UNHCR.”

Do you think that the company should rename the dress and change the captions? Let us know what you think on Facebook. Another major clothing faux pas has been taking the internet by storm. Recently, American Airlines flight attendants decided to prepare a lawsuit against their company for this sickening reason.

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