This Brave Group of People are Answering the Call in Harvey’s Disastrous Wake

August 31, 2017Aug 31, 2017

Harvey’s flooding has decimated Houston and surrounding areas, bringing out the best and worst in people. Sickeningly, some people are using Harvey to scam people or steal from them at the worst moment of their lives. Many others, however, have been inspired to help where help is needed most.

For example, Sandra Bullock has donated a million dollars of her own money to help flood victims. President Trump has donated the same. And despite the loss of their own homes, exhausting hours on the job, and rampant crime, the Houston police department has answered the call as well—even as they’ve lost one of their own.

“The collective heart of the Houston Police Department (HPD), the Houston Fire Department, all of our municipal co-workers, (and) just the entire first-responder community in this city is second to none, and I am very proud of that,” said Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo.

More than 200 police officers have suffered damaged or destroyed homes, choosing to work long, exhausting hours to help rescue trapped Houstonians. On Monday they lost Sergeant Steve Perez when his car flooded as he was trying to find an escape route for trapped Houstonians.

“They’re putting their duty first,” said the chief. “I don’t think anyone could have imagined just how significant a challenge this was going to be. … It’s historical.”

Acevedo referred to the long hours that his staff have chosen to work. Some have worked for three days straight.

“The (officers) who came in for 12-on, 12-off (shifts), if they were still here Saturday, they didn’t get to leave. … We made them all stay, it was required. They’ve been very highly motivated. And, as you can imagine, when you have close to 200 of them that their own homes have been damaged or lost, they haven’t abandoned their post.”

Unfortunately, as the rains have softened, policemen have been forced to deal head-on with looters and thieves, rather than devoting their energies to saving those in peril. According to Breitbart, the Houston police have arrested 14 armed robbers trying to victimize those already struck hard by the storm. But Chief Acevedo has an answer for those thieves. 

“Don’t come to Houston, because you’re going to be caught,” he said. “That’s despicable behavior.”

It is encouraging to see Houston’s men and women in uniform answering the call, an inspiration to all Americans. Others have stepped up as well in a show of our true American spirit. What do you think? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page. 

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