This Barbie Ad Has The Leftist Media GUSHING

November 22, 2015Nov 22, 2015

Mattel is often criticized for promoting unrealistic beauty ideals with its Barbie doll, but now the leftist media is gushing over the toy maker's latest Barbie commercial. In a matter of moments, the impossible proportions of their female dolls have ceased to matter solely because of one actor in their new Moschino Barbie commercial:

A boy.

And a noticeably effeminate one at that, talking and moving like his female chums.

According to NewsBusters, the Daily Mail described the "boundary breaking" ad this way: “The adorable blonde boy with a Mohawk is seen smiling and giggling with two female friends in the ad as they play with the new limited edition Moschino Barbie dolls.”

E!Online praised Mattel for blasting "gender stereotypes when they decided to feature a boy in their ad. We're pretty sure this was the smartest decision ever because he is the most adorable kid on the block … Oh, and that wink at the end? Adorb-city."

Cosmopolitan was head over heels over the decision as well, commenting “Laughing off traditional gender stereotypes, the company put the sassiest young boy ever in their commercial, reminding everyone that yes, boys do love to play with dolls.”

Does the inclusion of this boy in a Barbie commercial bother you? Or do you think it doesn't really matter?

Watch the commercial below: