This shop owner’s daily mission is to feed stray animals with meat scraps from his shop

Ikram Korkmazer, 51-year-old butcher, is an animal lover. His love and compassion for animals goes beyond admiring them and touching them.

Ikram cares deeply about stray animals, and knows how difficult it can be to find food. This is why he gives them meat scraps whenever he comes across his meat shop.

It all began when a hungry cat came to his meat shop. It ran to the counter and squealed for fresh meat.


Korkmazer felt sorry that the cat was so he gave her some meat scraps. He instantly fell in love with the cat and luckily, it wasn’t their first and last encounter.

Korkmazer, Yesim, said that the cat came back to his shop after she gave birth to bring her kitten.

“She would stand on two legs, look at the meat on the counter, and ask for meat. Standing on two legs, she began to ask for food five to six times per day. She wanted mostly spleen, heart, kidney and loved beef,” he said.

When Yesim died, her kitten kept visiting his shop for treats. Korkmazer loved Yesim so deeply that he named his shop in her honor.

Yesim Meat Gallery is a well-known shop that serves fresh, delicious meat and also offers love and food for stray pets.

Butcher Korkmazer and stray dogs

This heart-warming tradition didn’t stop with Yesim and her kitten. Other stray cats, and even stray dog, seemed to have realized how wonderful the meat shop owner was.

Every day, 7 to 8 cats visit his meat shop to try the meat. Stray cats and dogs love the meat scraps and enjoy a feast every time they feel hungry.

Butcher feeding stray cats meat scraps

Eventually, Korkmazer’s good deed was recognized around the world when his videos became viral on social media. He began taking videos of the animals that he was feeding and posting them to Instagram and TikTok.

Many people were impressed by his passion for animals, which led to him gaining thousands of followers on both social networking platforms.

“I have instilled the love for animals in this world, and it makes me proud to introduce Turkey as an animal-loving country,” Korkmazer said.

Hungry cat waiting for his meat

Though his instant fame also drove critics, Korkmazer is more focused on the positive reactions he’s been getting. “I have 4 billion people watching my videos, and they are still watching.”

He is happy that he can be an inspiration to so many people as he continues his mission to help stray animals. His family and co-workers are now helping to feed the stray dogs and cats who visit his meat shop.

Korkmazer has been selling pork for 41 years. His job was made even more rewarding when he met Yesim, who started caring for stray animals.

Korkmazer petting a stray dog

He is very proud of what he does and he plans to continue what he’s been doing, hoping to inspire more people and animal lovers to do the same.

Humans are not unusual in caring for stray pets. This is just one of many stories that kind-hearted people have shared in the past. They feed and adopt stray animals and give them food.

One of these is the homeless man from Malaysia who shared his food with stray cats. This selfless act of kindness was captured in a 42-second clip that went viral online and won the hearts of many.

Here’s a video of the kind butcher feeding stray animals:

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