This Old Photo Of Elvis With His Natural Hair Color Will Blow Your Mind

Think you know everything about the King Of Rock and Roll? You might be wrong. Elvis PresleyHe is still one of the most well-known faces in the world, renowned for his beautiful looks and jet-black hair. However, part of his public appearance was actually faked. 

His unique hairstyle is the secret to his success

Elvis ruled the radio in the 50s, churning out hits like “Jailhouse Rock” And “Hound Dog.” He also starred in movies, appearing in Blue Hawaii and Viva Las VegasTo name a few, he is the singer and musician Elvis Presley. Elvis was a very talented singer and musician, but part of the singer’s appeal was how handsome he was. Elvis was loved for his blue eyes, black hair and beautiful smile. But did you also know that Elvis was a natural blonde?  

He began dying his hair darker at an early age. This is why there are only a few photos of his natural hair color. The majority of these are childhood photos, but one shot shows Elvis growing up with blonde locks. This photo is framed and on the wall at the singer’s famous Graceland estate, where millions flock each year to see how the King lived. 

Elvis first used shoe polish to dye hair. Cosmetics like hair dye were too expensive for him at the time. As his fame — and his bank account balance — grew, the singer started using products like Miss Clairol 51D and Black Velvet / Mink Brown by Paramount.

Elvis’ Wife Even Dye His Hair

The superstar’s love of dark hair extended even to those closest to him. Elvis demanded that his bride, Priscilla, dye her hair black just before his wedding. “He did want me to dye my hair black when I was young so we could look alike a little bit,” she said while appearing on This Morning

Presley didn’t elaborate, leaving us to wonder why the superstar wanted his wife’s looks to match his own. She and Elvis separated in 1973, four years before Elvis’ death from complications due to his health. 

Elvis lived a life of extreme fame. Every detail of his life was covered in the media. However, even though we might think we know everything, it’s clear he still has some secrets — even one as seemingly obvious as his real hair color. 

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