This mom just gave birth to her third set of twins — all without the help of fertility drugs

A New York mother welcomed her third set, natural twins, to make a large family of 12.

Kimberly Alarcon, 37 years old, gave birth to her fraternal twin girls, Kenzy, and Kenzley, via a Westchester Medical Center C-section before noon on April 25.

Women have about 1 in 200,000 chances of having three sets of spontaneous twins, making Kimberly’s case unique.


“Our home is full of love,” she told Today. “We have good days, we have bad days, just like any other family. We just take it one day at a time.”

Kimberly had already had three children before she became pregnant with her first set. She had another set three years later.

She found out in 2021 that she was pregnant with triplets, but miscarried one baby early in her pregnancy. She gave birth to twins Kenzy & Kenzley.

Kenzy and Kenzley Alarcon

She was able to have all these twins naturally, and without the use of any fertility drugs.

Kimberly and John, her husband, have one nephew each, so they have a full home.

Their recent arrival brings together siblings Brittney (17; Sarah 13; Hunter (10); Zachary (6; Zoey (6; Olivia (4; Oliver (4; and King (3).

Kimberly grew-up in a family of six. Her mom had 18 children—10 biological and the rest adopted. When she was growing up, her mom had many friends that would come to their home. Sometimes they would have up to 30 children at once.

Kimberly and John Alarcon

Her husband, a detective, grew up with one brother and longed for a larger family.

“It’s a handful, but we are grateful,” Kimberly gushed.

Some factors that increase the odds of having twins without fertility drugs include being over 30 years old, a higher BMI, and having a family history of twins on the mother’s side.

“But three sets of twins back-to-back without medication or any intervention is highly unusual,” said Dr. Angela Silber, chief of maternal fetal medicine at Westchester Medical Center. “It’s pretty incredible.”

Kimberly shared her newborn daughters with the world on Instagram three days after they left the hospital. The photo shows the twins, who are fast asleep on a hospital mattress, wearing matching peach oneies.

The Alarcon family

“They are our last addition and made our tribe a solid 10,” she wrote. “They were born 4/25/22,’ she wrote. ‘My very first cesarean. They were breached and it was a difficult pregnancy but thank God that we made it.”

Kenzy is three minutes older and weighed four pound, 15 ounces at birth. Kenzley, her little brother, was a bit heavier at just five pounds and nine ounces.

“Kenzy and Kenzley started their journey as a trio but unfortunately, while at the doctor’s office, I miscarried who I believe was my boy Kent,” Kimberly continued in her post’s caption. “God gives us what he knows we can handle, so yes, we will love him and remember him.”

Kimberly stated that Kenzy and Kenzley, as young as they are both, are beginning to develop their own unique traits.

“So far Kenzy is our milk guzzler,” she said. “She plays no games with her feedings while Kenzley is taking her place as the youngest and baby of our tribe.”

Kenzy and Kenzley Alarcon

Kimberly also added that Kenzley is “too serious” and their “little spoiled girl” because she loves to be held even while asleep.

“We’re still in awe, that’s all I can say. Where are we gonna fit them?” Kimberly joked. “Just know that my bedroom is crowded.”

Although their home won’t likely get any more packed than it already is, the couple can’t say they won’t have another child in the future.

“I would go for another, but I have to respect her wishes,” John said. “If she says we’re done, I got to respect that.”

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