This dad’s spacious tiny home features a media room and a full kitchen to die for!

This modern tiny house in New Zealand has everything—a spacious full kitchen, comfortable sleeping lofts, and a huge bathroom with an incinerating toilet.

Jonny’s choice of moving into a tiny home was a financial decision brought about by the rising housing market. He was blessed with a parking spot that was available. The landlords provided an access to his home, which gave him some privacy.

Jonny constructed a separate pod to house his main TV, his guitars and the PlayStation. It also houses all other entertainment-related items.

The beautiful deck of the tiny home
Living Large in a Small House

“They’re not giant spaces and, you know, the little person running around. Sometimes we just need our space. I can kick him out here, or he can stand there and I can go outside. And again, just that nice place to get away and have a little bit of a break from what’s going on here,” he said.

Jonny also constructed a small vegetable garden, which is also a small project for Jack.

The deck area creates a nice outside space and connects the house to the pod. This gives the property a little more living space, especially during the summer.

Inside the media room
Living Large in a Small House

The modern design of this home is evident as soon as you step inside.

A seating area is located in the living room with a comfy couch under the balustrade. This allows them to relax and read a book, or watch TV.

The spacious living room of the tiny house
Living Large in a Small House

The full kitchen is large and has all the amenities of a regular one.. It features a dual fridge/freezer, a 4-burner gas stove, and a combination oven, which can also be used as a microwave/steamer.

There’s also a breakfast bar with two high chairs, which Jonny uses as an office space whenever he works from home.

The full kitchen of a tiny house
Living Large in a Small House

The bathroom is spacious with a large shower, vanity and low-maintenance incinerating tot. Jonny was even able fit laundry facilities into the room.

The bathroom of a tiny house
Living Large in a Small House

Upstairs and connected by a walkway are Jonny and Jack’s rooms, which both allow fantastic views of the fields and mountains outside.

Jack’s loft has room for clothes storage and toys. There’s also some floor space for when the kid plays with Legos.

A boy playing on his bed
Living Large in a Small House

“He loves the tiny house,” Jonny said. “He loves the feel of it. Again, we’ve got that outdoor lifestyle and hedges and trees and things and he’s got his own special little room yeah he really enjoys it.”

Jonny’s sleeping loft is a nice space with a kingsized bed and plenty of storage for his clothes. The windows from up there let in natural sunlight and offer amazing views of the paddocks.

Jonny has been living in the tiny house for over six months and says he’s enjoying the lifestyle.

A dog sleeping on a kingsize bed
Living Large in a Small House

“I love the space. I love where we are in terms of our location and obviously having such a beautiful modern space to be in is fantastic,” he said.

“Living in the tiny house has taught me what I don’t need, and that ability to really cut back on some of the things I had and still live an incredible life and be able to sort of experience and do all those things that I want to do without having all the clutter,” he added.

A man sitting on a couch while playing the guitar
Living Large in a Small House

We love how this “tiny” house with a full kitchen that it doesn’t look tiny at all. Best of all, Jonny designed it with his son’s needs in mind. What a brilliant designer—and a great dad, to boot!

Enjoy a tour of this incredible home in the video.