This Clever Makeup Hack Will Result In Instantly Fuller Lips, No Fillers Needed

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A full, youthful pout never goes out-of-style. There are many cosmetic options available, including fillers, lip implants and lip lifts. This makes it easy to have full lips. But, despite lip enhancement procedures being a breeze, there are drawbacks–including long recovery periods and costly maintenance. This may not be the best option.

Whether you’re on a budget or want to avoid cosmetic procedures altogether, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of lip linerWhen it comes to making your lips appear plumper, fuller and without spending a fortune, there are many options. 

Nevertheless, before you roll your eyes, muttering the phrase, “Have been there, done it,” let us introduce a brilliant technique that mimics the look of a lip lift introduced by makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic. What’s the secret? Strategic placement. And yes, it’s a game-changer!

What Is The ‘Lip Lift’ Lip Liner Hack?

Shortly after Dedivanoic invented the phrase, the lip lift lip liner hack became viral on Tiktok. It was first introduced by Mario in the Makeup By Mario Ultra Suede-Sculpting Pencil to his make-up line.

Dedivanoic demonstrates the technique in an Instagram videoIt is an alternative for the more invasive surgical procedures currently in style, explained. “There’s this procedure that’s all the rage right now, it’s actually a plastic surgery and it’s called the lip lift” he states. “And what it does is it makes people look a lot more youthful because it lifts the lip and shortens the distance between the lip and the nose… But you don’t have to do that in surgery, you can literally just apply a pencil.”

With Dedivanonic’s simple lip liner hack, Tiktokers are scrambling for their nearest lip liners to give it a try. The result is large, soft lips. So how exactly do you apply lip liner using Dedivanoic’s method? Learn more below.

How to apply lip liners correctly

Dedivanoic shows how, despite your best intentions to not overline the border of your lips, it can quickly make you look older. Dedivanoic also demonstrates that overlining the corners in particular the bottom half of your lips can cause your face to sag.

His technique instead consists of overlining specific portions of the lip, such as the center above the cupid’s bow and underneath the same spot on your lower lip. You should, however, follow the border when drawing the lips’ outer edges with a pencil.

To add more shading to the lips, Dedivanovic uses the lip pencil to create a new outline. Dedivanovic then uses a lip brush for blending in the lines towards center of the lips. This gives the lips natural dimension and makes them appear plumper. Dedivanovic adds that lipstick can also be applied using a brush, a tube or a sponge at this point and gently rubbed in. 

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