This 3-year-old girl is already a ‘skiing pro’, and her pep talks to herself are so adorable!

Adia Leidums, a three-year old girl who loves to go on adventures and give herself positive pep talks, especially in the snow, is Adia Leidums

In 2021, the toddler from Fernie, British Columbia, Canada, became an internet star when a video of her skiing while mic’d up went viral across social media.

The footage showed her skiing fearlessly at Fernie Alpine Resort, along with her dad. The chatty youngster was heard giving herself a push through all the obstacles as she glided down the snowy hills.


Adia’s parents, Courtney Haeusler and Erich Leidums, thought to share the video online. The result? People got to see how much of a beast she is on the slopes—and how she adorably coaches herself throughout!

“Going over you, ice,” she was heard saying. “Going around you, ice.”

When she hit an incline, she told herself to “walk like a duck.”

Adia Leidums and Erich Leidums skiing

Her dad, Erich, got the idea of attaching a microphone on Adia a couple of years ago from a hockey dad who mic’d up his son during practice. The boy’s narration and self-monologue were so charming, and he thought it was worth capturing Adia’s self-talk as well.

“When I was using my go-pro without the mic, I would try to get closer to her, and after she fell and got up she’s have something to say to the camera but I always had to get really close,” Erich said.

“With a microphone it doesn’t miss anything she says. Any sigh, laugh or giggle- it’s pretty adorable.”

The slopes were intimidating, but it did nothing to hinder Adia’s natural curiosity. As she skied past a cutout of a one-eyed monster on a tree, she said: “Hi, one-eyed monster.”

Adia Leidums skiing

Although she fell briefly due to the distraction, this little girl is a trooper. Instead of making a fuss over her booboo, she quickly cleaned out her mouth with dirt and snow and got back up as if nothing had occurred.

Adia was ready to go after she had cleaned herself up.

“I think that was a good fall,” she said before descending the hill. “This way! Going this way.”

Erich shared the clip on TikTok and Instagram, with the full video of her ski uploaded on the family’s YouTube channel, That Mountain Life.

Adia Leidums skiing

Adia’s skiing clip garnered millions of views on TikTok. Viewers praised Adia for her skiing skills and for her communication skills.

“She’s adorable. It’s cute as anything,” said Erich. “It steals my heart for sure.”

Another Adia video is now making the rounds on social media. The father-daughter team went on a backpack recovery mission on the snowy mountain.

The pair were riding a gondola lift while eating snacks when Erich’s backpack suddenly fell.

Adia Leidums sitting on the snow beside her dad's backpack

“That’s okay. We can ski down and get it,” said Adia to her dad.

Adia got off the lift after the ride was over and began skiing to retrieve her backpack. She even called themselves the “Rescue Riders.” How cute!

Adia was a true pro at skiing down the snowy hills. Her confidence is unmistakable, and it’s obvious she has improved a lot since her pep talk video went viral last year. The mission was a success, as the little girl found her backpack at the end of the video.

The Leidums family enjoiying the outdoors in Canmore

Adia is one of the youngest siblings. All Erich and Courtney’s kids have been skiing since they were around 18 months, and years of training have made them accomplished skiers.

“I’ll keep documenting and micing her up next year. We hike mountains and paddle and all that sort of stuff so we’ll be documenting our journeys here moving forward,” Erich said.

This youngster is a better skier than most adults I know—myself included. She might be a future Olympian, we should all keep an eye out for her. You go, Adia!

You can see Adia in action as a skier and hear her pep talks.

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