Things Get Ugly When NFL Teams Become Involved in Preseason Brawl

August 13, 2018Aug 13, 2018

The fights started when a Jets player delivered a late hit on a Redskins offensive lineman, which ignited a massive brawl that spilled into where the fans were watching.

Trumaine Johnson, from the Jets, hit Morgan Moses, from the Redskins, on a late hit that incited his teammate Trent Williams to throw haymaker after haymaker as the fight consumed both teams.

According to Fox News, the fight involved several players from each team. Jets coach Todd Bowles expressed his disdain over the fight after the practice was over.

“If they wanted to be boxers and wrestlers, they’d probably be in another sport,” Bowles told reporters, according to the New York Post.

The practice was scheduled to be the first of three preseason joint practices for the teams.

“We’re trying to get better,” said Bowles. “They’re trying to get better. Some things happened — overzealousness.”

He added, “I’ll talk to my guys. [Washington] Coach [Jay] Gruden will talk to his guys and we’ll have better practices because that’s just a waste of time to me.”

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