They Wanted to Adopt a Child, But Were Denied Because of Their Christian Faith

November 08, 2017Nov 08, 2017

A Christian couple recently filed a court application alleging the province discriminated against them based on their religious beliefs. In particular, the couple is alleging that the province discriminated against them by rejecting their application to adopt a child, on account of their belief that marriage is between a man and a woman. 

The Edmonton couple claim that their adoption of a child was revoked after the Ministry of Children's Services was made aware that they hold firm to the traditional Christian teaching on gender and sexuality, which were contrary to the official position of the Alberta government. 

“If we did not change our religious beliefs regarding sexuality, to conform to the beliefs of Child and Family Services, we would not be approved for adoption,” said the woman, according to the National Post.

Apparently, a report was made by social service workers who recommended that a "homosexual child" not be placed with the couple because they would not support the lifestyle that would make the child feel complete and accepted. In other words, they denied the parents the ability to adopt because they do not agree with their Christians views on marriage and sexuality. On May 3, their adoption application was officially rejected.

When asked by social service workers, the couple made clear that they would not encourage a lifestyle that would ultimately lead to a higher proportion of anxiety, depression, and suicide attempts, vis-a-vis other lifestyles. 

“Our government believes that every adoptive child deserves a safe, healthy, loving and inclusive home. We want to ensure that, in all cases, the adoption process gives both children and parents the best possible outcomes, which is why the application process is thorough and rigorous,” said a government spokesperson. 

The Daily Caller reports that further research reveals that the couple was well-adjusted, employed, financially stable and owning their own home. The assessment from a Catholic Social Service agent indicates that the Catholic agency would have been pleased to accept their request to adopt. Indeed, there was no reason — aside from the couple holding firm to their Christian faith — for denying the adoption. 

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