These Two GOP Candidates Stand In Defense Of Persecuted Kentucky Clerk

September 05, 2015Sep 05, 2015

Two Republican presidential candidates voiced their support of Kentucky clerk Kim Davis in light of the blatant assault on her religious beliefs.  Since the Supreme Court ruling on gay marriage, Davis has refused to issue marriage licenses.

Rand Paul, the Senator from Kentucky, said that he supports Davis because he believes there should be room for people to exercise their religious beliefs and not be told they have to do something they find morally objectionable.”


According to a recent newsmax article, Paul had told Fox news, “I have never been opposed to contracts between consenting adults, but I am very much sympathetic to the idea that an individual shouldn't have to sign or give their stamp of approval that they object to."

Paul believes that it is up to the states to make their own decisions on marriage, not the Supreme Court.

The other Republican candidate to stand behind Davis is former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee.


According to the Washington Post, Huckabee called Davis and offered his prayer and support to her.  He then issued a statement, “I spoke with Kim Davis this morning to offer my prayers and support.  I let her know how proud I am of her for not abandoning her religious convictions and standing strong for religious liberty.  She is showing more courage and humility than just about any federal office holder in Washington.”

Do you agree with Huckabee and Paul?  Do you support Kim Davis?