Some of the Most Bizarre ‘Women’s March’ Man-on-the-Street Interviews Ever

February 26, 2018Feb 26, 2018

Earlier this year, up to 60,000 people marched through the streets of San Francisco as part of one of many “Women’s March” rallies held across America on the anniversary of President Trump’s inauguration. While some participants of what very clearly was an anti-Trump protest were ready and willing to explain what they were protesting, others, hilariously, fell far short of even explaining why they were there.

According to The Pioneer, Marcher Theon Johnson explained, “My hopes coming out of this march is that people will be empowered to claim their voice, to speak out. Women, in my opinion, represent the very best of our future. They are the most integral members of our community as we think about creating a future, creating a new life, creating new opportunities, creating tomorrow.”

But Midge of the viral YouTube channel Fleccas Talks decided to interview march participants and ask them really basic questions about who and what they were protesting. Their responses were jaw-dropping.

“I’m here to support women’s rights [and] everybody’s rights, you know, that Trump and his administration is trampling on,” one protester proclaimed.

“Which rights has he trampled on?” Midge questioned.

“All of them,” the protester replied, later adding that Trump is “breaking every rule in the Constitution.”

“Anyone who supports him is bad,” she declared. “They’re supporting a man that has no scruples, no leadership, he’s a racist, a Nazi.”

Midge asked a girl protesting the gender wage gap: “So how are women paid less than men?”

“I’m not sure, actually, I just saw that somewhere,” the girl admitted.

A number of other protesters had trouble remembering what they’d even written on their own protest signs. Watch the hilarious five-minute man-on-the-street interviews video below:

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