These Kids Got Their Lemonade Stand Shut Down For Lack of Permit

May 30, 2018May 30, 2018

The Denver police recently shut down a lemonade stand put on by a group of brothers. Their reason? The young brothers didn't have the government's permission. 

CBS Denver writes that Jennifer Knowles, the mother of the two boys, decided to help her sons set up their first lemonade stand over the weekend. She thought it would be an important life-lesson for her boys, helping them to learn about entrepreneurship and charity.

And the boys didn't simply want to keep the money for themselves. Rather, they wanted to help somebody who was less fortunate than they. As a result, they went online and found another child who was living in Indonesia through Charity International. All of the money they raised would have gone to him. 

“The boys went online and they decided they wanted to help a child in another country less fortunate, and we found a place in Colorado Springs called Charity International, and they picked a five-year-old boy in Indonesia,” said the mother. 

But things didn't go as expected. 

“Someone complained about our lemonade stand,” said Knowles.

In Denver, a permit is required to operate a lemonade stand. In fact, a similar rule is applied to kids with a lemonade stand than is applied to those selling hot dogs, peanut and sunflower seeds, and other vendors. The city government claims that this rule is related to health and safety. 

Some people, however, have accused the government of providing a special legal privilege to a professional lemonade vendor that, according to CBS Denver, happened to be right next to the boys. Rather than being designed to help consumers, permit laws help to enforce pre-existing monopolies, by preventing competition from entering the market. 

The mother claims that she will see what she can do to get permission from the local government to set up a lemonade stand with her boys in the future. A permit costs $125 for a one-day operation. 

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