These portraits reveal what people have been grateful for during the pandemic

From the loved ones who have helped us through and soul-soothing time in nature, to the rituals that have grounded us on dark days, there has been much to be grateful for amid the pandemic’s disorientating haze.

Illustration by JustynaGreen has captured some of them in her 100 Days of Gratitude series. This was featured at the London Design Festival (see gallery for highlights).  

“I wanted this project to put a smile on people’s faces, to ease their sorrows and create moments of grateful refection,” says Green.

She received ideas from people working in creative industries around the world – from London to LA and from Antwerp to Mumbai – and drew a portrait a day between 12 June and 21 September, which was World Gratitude Day.

People have expressed their gratitude for everything, from pets and espresso pots to new hobbies and family members to the great outdoors.

“Having awareness of, and celebrating, the things in our daily lives that we are grateful for serves as a welcome antidote to the negative bias offered by the mainstream news,” says Green. “Even in the toughest situations, there’s something to be grateful for.”

Illustrations by JustynaGreen available to purchase here.