There Was a Tragic Accident, But Now This Pastor & His Wife Have Joy Again

July 11, 2017Jul 11, 2017

Two years ago, on the way home from a family wedding, tragedy struck for a North Carolina pastor, Gentry Eddings, and his wife Hadley. While driving to Charlotte, a man driving a commercial box truck struck the family's vehicle, killing their 2-year-old and causing Hadley, who was thirty-seven-weeks pregnant, to need an emergency c-section. The infant died two days later.

Even though the truck driver caused them so much pain, Gentry's sister, Amber, told People, at the time of the accident, that the couple had forgiven him. “Forgiveness can be a tricky thing. But like my brother said during the service, forgiving the driver was easy and hard all at the same time," says Amber. "Hard because our natural inclination is to cling to the pain and hurt and even anger. Easy because we believe in a good God."

In July 2017, the couple's faith in God was blessed, as Hadley gave birth to two twin boys. They named the boys Isaiah Dobbs and Amos Reed in honor of their older brothers, Dobbs and Reed.

In January, when the couple announced their pregnancy, Hadley praised God, “The Lord has not left us for one second in our grief of losing our two boys almost two years ago. God is a redeemer and a restorer! God blesses us beyond what we deserve or could ever imagine."

But being happy about new children doesn't mean the couple have forgotten their boys. “We are excited that Dobbs and Reed are going to be big brothers to twins! We are so thankful for our family and so many friends who have prayed for us and cheered us on our way. We’re rejoicing, and thank Jesus for these two precious little ones!”

After the birth, a family friend shared how they have seen God in the couple and their tragedy. 

“We are thrilled for Gentry and Hadley and are continually amazed at how God continues to redeem their story. From the tragic loss of their sons, Dobbs and Reed to the remarkable birth of their twins, Isaiah and Amos — God is creating beauty from ashes." 

God bless this family and their faith in Him!