Theme Park Closed 'Indefinitely' After 12 People Injured on Ride

June 24, 2019Jun 24, 2019

A theme park in Chennai, India has been closed 'indefinitely' after 12 people have reportedly been injured.

The incident took place on a free-fall ride last week at Queensland Amusement Park. The injuries are said to be from a mechanical malfunction, which led to the ride plummeting 10 feet down to the ground.

The amusement park had been warned two months prior to check all their rides to be sure it was all in proper working order.

"We wrote to them in April to ensure that all the rides were in good shape. They claimed that they had checked everything but clearly that was not the case," assistant commissioner Muthuvel Pandi said in a statement

News of this frightening situation only surfaced once a video of the incident went viral online. Police state that a complaint was never filed from anyone at the amusement park.

The video that sparked the investigation shows the ride hoisting two platforms of riders into the air. Once the ride comes to an end, the platforms are seen being lowered to the ground when a steel cable snapped and sent one of the platforms, and it's riders, to the ground.

"We came to know after the video of the accident reached us. The amusement park tried to hide the whole thing and we believe they convinced the visitors who were in the ride to strike a compromise. All first aid was done there without any external interference," Pandi told "The News Minute."

At this time, the park has been ordered to shut down until they have legal proof their rides are in safe, working order.

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