'The Voice' Premiere Had an Overwhelming Number of References to God

February 27, 2018Feb 27, 2018

NBC’s “The Voice,” an Emmy-award winning singing competition, just entered its 14th season with a new judge — Kelly Clarkson. The former American Idol winner joined country star Blake Shelton, singer/producer Adam Levine, and 25-time Grammy-award winner Alicia Keys in the blind auditions on Monday, February 26th.

The first round of singers had extremely powerful voices, but those weren’t the only powerful moments on the show. The 2018 season premiere also included an overwhelming number of references to God.

Judge Kelly Clarkson Joke: “That Was The Lord”

Contestant Justin Kilgore was the only singer in Monday night’s episode that wowed all four judges enough to turn their chairs around. He sang “Tomorrow” by Chris Young. As Clarkson was pleading her case to Kilgore, she heard a loud “thump.”

“What? Oh, I heard that. That was the Lord saying, ‘Pick Kelly!’” she joked. As the audience roared with applause and laughter, she continued, “That was Jesus Christ himself. Do not turn away; follow the light!”

Clarkson may have been right because Kilgore ended up picking her as his coach. Watch Kilgore’s blind audition below:

Contestant D.R. King Points to Heaven

D.R. King, who sang “Believer” by Imagine Dragons, surprised the judges with his answer when asked about his name. Blake made a comment about if his name was just “D.R.” or “doctor.”

D.R. responded, “It’s D.R. King. Not to be confused with the Reverend,” as he pointed up to heaven. Watch King’s blind audition below:

Contestant Kaleb Lee’s Audition

Country singer Kaleb Lee sang “Never Wanted Nothing More” by Kenny Chesney. The lyrics from the hit country song are extremely faith-filled, ultimately ending in finding the Lord.

Lee belted out, "One Sunday I listened to the preacher and I knew he was preaching to me. I couldn't help it I walked up front and I got down on my knee. Right then and there I swear I changed when I found the Lord. Glory Hallelujah good God Almighty, I never wanted nothing more. No, I never wanted nothing more.”

Watch Lee’s blind audition below:

The Singing Minister

Blaise Raccuglia, a minister, appeared in the blind auditions singing “Wanted” by Hunter Hayes. Although he did not make it to the next round, he shared a very powerful story.

Reaccuglia noted that his interest in music began when singing in his grandparents’ church as a child. Eventually, he started his own ministry called, “Cliffside 360.” His ultimate goal is to be a Christian artist someday.

“It started with just me and my guitar and it has grown in two years to a hundred people, faithfully coming — young and old, from all across the city — come to worship God,” he said.

Watch Reaccuglia’s blind audition below (Note: the clip does not show his story about ministry; watch the full clip on the NBC website):

It was so powerful seeing these references to God on the show! Do you agree? Share your thoughts in our Facebook comments.

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