Beloved 'The Voice' Contestant Passes Away at Only 33, Leaves Behind 12-Yr-Old Daughter

March 03, 2019Mar 03, 2019

A beloved voice contestant has passed away. The news broke on Saturday that Janice Freeman, who competed on season 13 of NBC's The Voice in 2017, has died at age 33.

The singer was a married mother of one. While she was on the voice, she was on Miley Cyrus's team, and she made it to the top 11.

She passed away on Saturday due to combined complications of lupus and a bronchial infection, Freeman's rep told E! News in a statement.

"On Saturday afternoon, Janice began complaining that she couldn't breathe properly and, in a matter of minutes, required CPR from her husband," her rep said. "He called 911, continuing to do CPR until paramedics arrived. While Janice arrived at the hospital alive, continued efforts could not save her. Doctors believe a blood clot had formed in her lungs, which led to her quick demise. Janice Freeman died at 5:30 p.m. PST."

Freeman had numerous health issues during her short life. She beat cervical cancer and lived with two autoimmune diseases, lupus and Sjogren's syndrome. In addition, she survived bacterial meningitis as a teen and kidney failure as a child.

"She struggled every single day," her husband, Dion, said in a statement. "She was constantly in pain—literally, for years—but was sure she would conquer it all. She just kept on fighting."

Her management also released a statement. They celebrated the impact of her story.

"She was a survivor and fighter, and a beautiful force in this world," read a statement from Freeman's management team. "Janice gained notoriety through her success on NBC's The Voice as a member of Miley Cyrus's team. Her story inspired fans nationwide, having successfully battled cervical cancer and living her life to the fullest while fighting lupus."

She is survived by her husband, her 12-year-old daughter Hannah, her mother Janice, brothers and sisters, and many extended family members. Her cousin, Johanna Freeman, later confirmed and mourned her death.

Others also took to social media to remember her. Cyrus and fellow The Voice coach Jennifer Hudson paid tribute to Freeman on Instagram.

Freeman had been open about her health battles. She shared about it last month on Instagram.

"I want to give ALL praises to THE FATHER for this healing process! It has been a difficult, trying, discouraging, mentally draining, etc last 3 months I have had to deal with in a very long time! But God is FAITHFUL and HE is healing my body and I'm starting to see a little clearly again!... I'm so grateful and overwhelmed because HE loves me so in spite of me deserving it or not."

This isn't the first loss for her young daughter. Hannah's father and Freeman's first husband died of cancer,

"There's been times where I wanted to give up, and I know why God gave her to me," Freeman said. "She's taught me so many things, and for her to see me fight again, for her to see that in spite of what her mom goes through, she still stands tall and she's always pushing, for her to see that nothing—from what color she is to being a woman—can stop her, that there's nothing that she can't accomplish. That means the world to me."

Please pray for Freeman's family, especially her young daughter. This is a terrible loss for her.