The Video That Hillary Wished No One Would See Has Just Been Released

October 21, 2016Oct 21, 2016

Hillary Clinton has tried every trick and explanation in the book to distance herself from her use of a private email server in which she illegally transmitted classified information through email and then covered up the evidence by deleting her emails despite receiving a subpoena for them.

The FBI half-heartedly investigated Clinton over her email fiasco and decided to not seek charges because FBI Director James Comey said that despite the fact she acted carelessly, that she did not intend to reveal classified information or break the law.

However, a new video shows that Clinton was fully aware of the security risks that come with using an unsecured server. In a video from 2010, Clinton is warning her employees at the State Department to be vigilant about cyber security. In the video Clinton says that “we as State Department employees have a special duty to guard ourselves and our sensitive information.”

This is proof that Clinton knew exactly what she was doing when she broke the law.