The Trump-Stormy Daniels Scandal from a Christian Perspective

March 13, 2018Mar 13, 2018

In recent days, President Donald Trump has been the center of a major scandal involving adult film star Stephanie Clifford, best-known by her stage name “Stormy Daniels.” Clifford claims that she and Trump had an affair in 2006 shortly after he married Melania, which Trump has since denied.

The adult film actress reportedly received $130,000 in “hush money” from Trump’s lawyer in 2016 — ahead of the presidential election — to stay quiet about the alleged affair. However, Daniels recently offered to return the money back to Trump, so she could go public with details about their affair, reported the New York Times.

In wake of the scandal, the media drew attention to whether or not Trump’s supporters would still stand behind him as President of the United States. Reporter Jenna Browder from CBN News recently responded to this curiosity and also provided a Christian perspective on the Trump-Stormy Daniels scandal.

Browder stated, “I feel like his base, for the most part, is going to stick with him for reason that he continues to deliver on some policies that are really important to evangelicals — men and women alike.”

Browder continued by listing off several of Trump’s political moves in favor of conservatives since he has been in office including moving the embassy to Jerusalem and his stance on abortion.

“I was speaking with Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council last week about Stormy Daniels and he said that...if the President continues to deliver and he continues to keep it clean in office — we’re not talking about what happened back in 2006 or 2005 — but in office, then he thinks that evangelicals will by in large continue to support this President,” she ended.

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Browder also made headlines recently for her Christian perspective regarding the mainstream media’s coverage of Rev. Billy Graham’s funeral. Read the details here.

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