The Transgender Bathroom Battle HEATS UP With These 51 Families' BOLD Power Play

May 06, 2016May 06, 2016

You gotta love families like these--and Alliance Defending Freedom, a group of lawyers dedicated to fighting for religious freedom. Together, ADF and 51 families in an Illinois school district are suing the Department of Education over their children's bathroom privacy.


A transgender student, referred to as Student A, has lobbied for bathroom privileges of the opposite sex, reports The Christian Post. Born a boy but now wanting to be a girl, Student A was originally already given concessions by the school such as playing on a girls' sports team and having his name changed on the school roster. The school had set up private accommodations for the bathroom and shower, but Student A wanted specifically to be let in the girls' bathroom and locker room. If kept out of the girls' facilities, Student A felt "crushed" by the school's decision "which she said indicated that the school did not accept her as a female."

So the government stepped in and mandated that the school let Student A in the girls' locker room and showers or else lose their Title IX funding, some 6 million dollars. Obama's administration is claiming that the school is breaking their covenant with Title IX by discriminating on terms of sex. However, that judgment is defining sex as gender identity. And that is exactly what ADF and the 51 bold families are challenging the government on.

The lawsuit is the first of its kind and is challenging the government on its interpretation of sex. The suit would ask for an injunction against the government's ability to force these transgender bathroom measures on schools. It would be incredibly powerful for parents who don't want this for their children. Sadly, this was a last measure resort. The president of the group of families said it "was the only thing we could do at this point," after already trying to settle this with the school.

We applaud these families' boldness and pray their case wins! Do you agree?