The TOP 7 BESTS of the Trump Ladies So Far, including Melania’s LATEST Announcements!

February 16, 2017Feb 16, 2017

1. First Lady Melania Trump takes pride in and embraces the diversity of our country by visiting two different cultural museums: Morikami Museum and the National Museum of African American History.

2. Ivanka Trump, daughter of President Donald Trump, connects with all types of parents across the nation with her various posts of her children and family.

3. More retailers still carry Ivanka’s clothing line than those who have dropped it entirely or partially backed away from selling it. 

4. Melania left the nation cheering when she recently announced the reopening of public White House tours since Obama cancelled them in 2013.

5. Melania pleases the people with her promise to only hire for positions absolutely necessary for the White House to save taxpayers’ funds. 

6. Neither Malania or Ivanka have retaliated from the hateful comments regarding their political involvement and personal life.

7. Regardless of the negative comments, the Trump ladies are still receiving support from many on social media platforms.

Another supporter tweets, "Her beauty, style & grace. America loves you, Ivanka!"


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