The Terrible Diet Habit Alex Trebek Refused To Change Years Before His Diagnosis

March 12, 2019Mar 12, 2019

Alex Trebek, beloved Jeopardy host, recently announced his stage 4 pancreatic cancer diagnosis. “Normally the prognosis for this is not very encouraging,” Mr. Trebek said. “But I’m going to fight this, and I’m going to keep working.”

Trebek, 78, appeared in relative health, though he has had his fair share of health issues throughout the years. The popular tv personality has had some 20 surgeries and two heart attacks. But Trebek seems to have nine lives, and hopefully he hasn't exhausted them all yet.

The pancreas is the insulin-producing organ that lies behind the stomach. So it makes one think about the sugar-laden breakfast Trebek was notorious for eating: Snickers and Diet Pepsi.

In a 2014 interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Trebek was cheekily candid about his terrible breakfast habit: "I was counting up my various surgeries the other day and I think it's close to 20 now — different parts of my body — and people often ask, they say, 'You appear to be in good shape, do you work out?' I say, 'No.' 'Do you diet?' 'No.' 'Do you eat well?' 'Well, sort of,' but my breakfast of champions for years was a Snickers and a Diet Pepsi, and this past year I ran into a nutritionist who said, 'Oh, Alex that's terrible! You've got to be eating better than that at the start of the day.'"

"So I changed," Trebek shared. "I stopped eating Snickers and Diet Pepsi and I replaced them with Milky Ways and Diet Cokes, so you're not going to catch me eating properly in the mornings. I do have a good solid dinner every evening, but I find that there must be some kind of camel blood in me because if I'm working outside — and I love working around the house — if I'm doing physical labor I never think of food; I don't get hungry, I don't get thirsty, and as a result my body cramps up like mad in the evenings, and I just go crazy complaining. And so I should drink more water, but I don't have a regimen, a good-health type regimen."

When asked if his first heart attack made his change any of his bad habits, Trebek replied, "No, and the second heart attack didn't do anything either, so I'm good."

But he might be changing his tune now. Trebek recently shared that he wished he had met his wife, Jean Currivan, 24 years his junior, earlier so they might have spent more time together. Still, they have been married for 29 years, a notably long-standing marriage in the entertainment industry.

The 78-year-old told People two months ago: 'I'm pretty satisfied with my life. But my wife Jean and I have been together almost 29 years, and I was thinking about President Bush when he died, and all the comments about his life about what a nice guy he is, and how he and his wife had been together 73 years."

He continued: "I thought, oh my gosh... if I'd just met Jean in my 20s we could have had a longer life together.' Alex joked to the outlet: 'I guess if I'd met her when I was in my twenties she wouldn't have been born yet. But hey, 29 years is pretty good!"

Unfortunately, the New York Times says Trebek's cancer is a very aggressive form: "Up to 85 percent of patients who have surgery followed by chemotherapy have a recurrence at some point, usually within two years. Even those who survive five or more years are still at risk of another episode."

We pray that Trebek is able to beat this cancer and live many more healthy years with his family! Please post your thoughts and prayers for Trebek in the comments! Thank you!

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