The Surprising Song LGBT Protestors Sang At Franklin Graham's Prayer Rally

April 11, 2016Apr 11, 2016

What's even more sad than our country's devolving morality is that many are using God's name to back it up. At Franklin Graham's prayer rally in Sacramento, a group of LGBT activists came out to protest. They are against his traditional marriage values as well as his opposition of letting men use women's bathrooms.


While Graham was leading thousands of Christians to pray for God's forgiveness and blessing, "Pastor" Amundayo De Edwards of the Integrated Praise Spiritual Center was one of the speakers leading the counter rally, "No Hate In Our State." The Christian Post reports that Graham did not address the LGBT activists.  Instead, he encouraged the crowd to pray and vote for someone whose lifestyle honors God.

"You may ask of yourself when you look at our country, 'what can I do?' I think all of us have asked that question. We see our country sliding further and further and further. What can I do?" Graham asked. "Well, be willing this next election to vote and to vote for candidates that stand for biblical truth and biblical principles and that are willing to live them."

As Christians left the rally, the LGBT protestors ironically sang, "God Bless America." It's sad to think that many Americans think that God could bless homosexuality. We're seeing it in churches that support gay pastors and same-sex marriage. The Bible warned that many would turn away from the truth and call evil "good."

Thankfully, we also have people like Graham who are avidly seeking out prayer and repentance in America. What do you think about the reasoning behind LGBT protestors singing "God Bless America?" Let us hear your thoughts in the Comments! Thank you!