The Story Of This Unstoppable Soldier Will Leave You Speechless

July 31, 2015Jul 31, 2015

United States Army Soldier, Taylor Morris was leading a group of special forces in Afghanistan in May of 2012 when an IED exploded underneath him.  The blast took from him the use of all four of his limbs and he became a quad amputee.

Circumstances like Taylor’s could sideline even the strongest of men and break their spirits completely.  But not Taylor, he is one of the most determined men the world has ever known.  Even under the circumstances he is calm, collected, and witty.  Taylor doesn’t ask why this happened to him, he looks at the challenges ahead and tackles them head on.

The story isn’t just about Taylor.  Ever since he arrived back in the United States, his fiercely loyal girlfriend, Danielle, has been beside him every step of the way during his recovery.  She has shown the world what true love really looks like.

In the video below you will see the most inspiring story that you have ever seen.  Taylor Morris and Danielle are 100% pure grade American heroes! 

God bless the both of you!