The Shocking Tweet From Planned Parenthood That Has Everyone Talking

November 18, 2015Nov 18, 2015

On the night of the most recent Democratic debate, Planned Parenthood sent out a tweet quoting their candidate of choice, Hillary Clinton.  They not only invoked Hillary Clinton in their disgusting and ironic tweet, but they also tried to pander to the Black Lives Matter group.


The irony of this tweet is too much to bear.  They acknowledge that every child has the opportunity to live up to their God given potential yet they are responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands of babies every year.  On top of that, the majority of abortions inflicted upon people of color.

Only Planned Parenthood is tasteless enough to end the lives of helpless babies, invoke the name of God, and try to pander to the very group of people they inflict the most damage upon.