The Shocking Reality Once Refugees Are Brought To This Country

November 20, 2015Nov 20, 2015

The Obama administration has claimed that all refugees that come to the United States have gone through a thorough and rigorous vetting process.  FBI Director James Comey feels differently regarding the vetting process and has said that it is impossible to vet every single refugee.


Despite that shocking admission by the FBI, Obama and other Democratic lawmakers are eager to keep the flow of Syrian refugees coming into the country.

If the refugees are not fully vetted, at least the government is keeping an eye on them and making sure that American citizens are safe, right?

Unfortunately that is not the case either.  According to Breitbart, once the refugees are in the country, the State Department only keeps track of them for three months.  Anne Richard, a State Department official testified before Congress on Thursday that after the short period of time, the refugees are free to go wherever they want.

“We do not track them after the first three months in the United States,” Richard told the committee.  When asked what happens after three months, Richards told the committee that “they are treated pretty much like ordinary Americans and they are not tracked.”

In light of the terrorist attacks in Paris where at least one of the terrorists had entered Europe with the wave of Syrian refugees, this revelation is both shocking and disturbing.

Do you agree? Do you think refugees should be tracked for longer than 3 months?