The Remarkable Way Republican Lawmakers Reacted Moments After Deadly Train Crash

February 01, 2018Feb 01, 2018

On Wednesday, January 31, an Amtrak train en route to West Virginia crashed. Among passengers on the train were several Republican lawmakers, including Speaker Paul Ryan. 

The train was hit by a garbage truck, causing it to lose control. The crash caused multiple injuries and one fatality. A source confirmed that the members of the Congress and their staff and families were all safe. 

After the train crash became public, several lawmakers took to social media to ask for prayers for those injured. Press Secretary Sanders said that the administration was keeping their thoughts and prayers with everyone affected by the incident.

Additionally, Vice President Mike Pence talked about how troubled he and President Trump were upon receiving the news. He went on to encourage everyone to "have faith in [God]" and talked about the protection that was present in the accident. 

While talking about prayer after the incident is over is still admirable, there is something to be said about one's faith when they take time to pray during an incident like this one. New reports have come out by CBN that document the prayerful attitude that was present on the train moments after the crash took place. 

Former pastor, Rep. Jody Hice, said, "We were on the train...We had been en route for a couple of hours, so a number of us were standing and just kind of stretching our legs when all of a sudden there's just a tremendous impact. Several members fell...It was obvious from the immediate impact that we had struck a vehicle...Right away, there was just the awareness we had had a serious accident, and there was going to be some injuries."

Hice continued, "I know Ted Budd, representative from North Carolina- he and I made contact quickly after the accident and almost simultaneously said to one another, 'Let's pray.' Immediately we just pulled aside and did so right away, we just started praying for those who were involved. We were very much aware that something very serious had happened and some lives were very likely hanging in the balance."

While some representatives were praying for the entire situation, others with medical experience were able to give immediate aid to those that were injured. 

Rep. Greg Walden wrote, "We're fine, but our train hit a garbage truck. Members with medical training are assisting the drivers of the truck."

CBN reported that the lawmakers who were able to give medical assistance were Reps. Brad Wenstrup (Ohio), Michael Burgess (Texas), Phil Roe (Tennessee), Larry Bucshon (Indiana), Roger Marshall (Kansas), and Sen. Bill Cassidy (Louisana). 

Are you thankful that our nation's leaders are willing to immediately look to God, even in the middle of chaos? Many of the lawmakers' first reaction was to pray, while others with medical backgrounds were able to provide aid. Let us know what you think about that! In other recent news, there was a school shooting this morning at a middle school. Please be praying for the situation.

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