The Reason This Man Plays Taps Every Night For The Neighborhood

July 24, 2015Jul 24, 2015

78 year old musician, Don Briton of Tacoma, Washington reads the newspaper every morning to find out the exact time the sun starts to set.  Like he has for the past 2 years, he takes out his trumpet at sunset, steps onto the porch and plays Taps for the entire neighborhood.  “I’m trying to play this the best I can and do a good job”, Don said.

Don plays Taps in part to honor the military and “support our guys over there fighting”.  Don had polio as a child and was unable to serve, though he says that “he would have served in a heartbeat”. 

Don also plays Taps in part for his neighbors who have since come to expect the ritual.  It gives his neighbors time to honor and reflect.  His neighbors come out and stand at attention every night when he plays.  “When you hear the first note, everything in our house comes to a complete halt”, one resident said.