The REAL Problem With Target's New Bathroom Policy--And It's NOT Safety

April 28, 2016Apr 28, 2016

I went to return something to Target this weekend: partly because I didn't want it and partly because I wanted to show my dissent for their recent bathroom policy. I asked the customer service representative if many people had been complaining, and he said, "A few customers have voiced their concern." He continued to say that most Targets have a large, unisex family restroom and so people shouldn't be worried.

But that is neither accurate nor the real issue. Target did not say, "We are setting up unisex single-use bathrooms for transgendered people." That would have made most people happy. They specifically said that transgenders (and thus anybody) can use whatever restroom they want. This means that not only is there no safety (unisex bathrooms or not) but that Target is taking a strong stance to affirm the LGBT agenda and to discard the cares and values of conservative Americans.

Here, in a latest Facebook post, blogger Matt Walsh explains how safety (though very important) is not the worst part of Target's decision.



You can read Walsh's full article on the matter here.

Do you agree with him? Do you think there is a deeper matter at stake here than just safety? Let us know how you feel in the Comments! Thank you!