The Real Cost Of An Ivy League Education And Why Yale Is No Better Than A Community College

December 20, 2015Dec 20, 2015

Ivy league universities are supposed to offer the very best education.  Surely, they would not succumb to the liberal outrages and miseducation that has come to define universities across the country and the generation of youth they are pandering to.

Yale is one such prestigious Ivy league university.  Presidents, Senators, and powerful leaders have all graduated from Yale.  But as it would happen, they are just as guilty as being a liberal programming center as a majority of universities around the country.

To test the theory that Ivy league educated people are somehow smarter and better educated, Ami Horowitz created a petition that calls for repealing the 1st Amendment (the one that guarantees free speech, religion, press, and petitions.)  He then roamed the Yale campus seeing if he could get anyone on board with the ridiculous scheme.

I think it is safe to say that you should save your money and seek higher education elsewhere.