The Race Heats Up: A New Leader Emerges In The Polls

December 14, 2015Dec 14, 2015

Donald Trump has held a massive lead in every poll since he declared that he was running for President as a candidate in the Republican party.  With his grand statements and plans to “make America great again,” Trump has enjoyed a long run at the top of the polls.  Candidates have tried to attack him and have fallen by the wayside.  One candidate has refused to attack Trump, and in turn has seen his support skyrocket.

According to a new FOX poll, Trump has been overtaken in Iowa by Ted Cruz.  Cruz registered at 28% percent vs. Trump at 26%.  In a separate poll conducted by Bloomberg, Cruz holds a 10% lead in Iowa over Trump.


Cruz’s meteoric rise in the polls isn’t just happening in Iowa.  A Wall Street Journal / NBC poll shows that Cruz has jumped to 22% nationally.  That puts him at only 5% behind Trump.

The biggest shock isn’t that Cruz has risen steadily in the polls.  The biggest shock is that Ben Carson has declined so rapidly.  Once seen a top contender, Carson’s campaign has cooled off rapidly.  In the Fox News poll, Carson has fallen to 4th place with 10%.  Rubio sits comfortably in 3rd place with 13%.

What do you think is the bigger surprise?  Cruz’s rise or Carson’s fall?