The Powerful Prayer Meeting that Just Took Place in the White House

July 12, 2017Jul 12, 2017

On Monday, evangelical leaders laid hands in prayer on the leader of the free world--and he gladly accepted it, reports the Christian Post. In what is being described by attendees as "a very special moment but it was also not an unusual one," various Christian leaders gathered around President Trump and poured their prayers over him.

It is special in that these praying Christians feel an open door with Trump that they never felt with former President Obama. Comparing the difference between the two, Johnnie Moore, president of the KAIROS Company and an attendee of the prayer meeting, said: "When we are praying for President Trump we are praying within the context of a real relationship, of true friendship," describing it as "a visit among friends."

"Evangelicals feel the door to the White House is as open as it has ever been before, even compared to Reagan according to several that were there whose career began back then."

But it is not unusual in that they have been often granted access to pray with Trump, as he is very open to prayer and guidance from the Bible. Moore shared, "Various ones of us have prayed with him many times and have been praying for him for a long time ... We believe we are a praying nation, and we begin by praying for our leaders."

In fact, says Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas, there has "been no American president in history who has reached out to evangelicals to the extent that President Trump has done. People would be surprised at how many believers there are in the Trump Administration. Very dedicated Christians."

It is so awesome to hear these kind of behind-the-scenes reports of God moving in President Trump's life and in our nation, especially since most of what we here is negative from the media. What do you think of this powerful prayer time with Trump? Share your thoughts (and prayers!) in the Comments! Thank you!