The Palace Releases Heartwarming News Before Prince Harry and Meghan's Wedding

April 26, 2018Apr 26, 2018

On Saturday, May 19, the world will watch as Prince Harry and American Meghan Markle get married. The royal affair is set out to be the biggest wedding since 2011 when Prince William and Kate Middleton got married.

The wedding will take place at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. Over the last couple of months, several exciting wedding details have been revealed.

Now, an extremely important aspect of the wedding has been confirmed. In December, the Kensington Palace revealed that Prince Harry had officially asked his brother, the Duke of Cambridge, to be his best man.

Now, only weeks before the royal wedding, the Palace has confirmed that Prince William has said yes! When Prince Harry first asked his brother to stand by his side, the royal palace officials talked about the decision.

They told US Weekly, “Harry has several close guy friends, but there’s no way he would ask anyone but William to take on the top job.”

On Thursday morning, the Kensington Palace posted several photos on their Twitter account and revealed Prince William’s answer!

This is an extremely exciting time for the royal family, as Prince William and Kate Middleton just welcomed their third child into the world this week as well! Congratulations! Yesterday, Meghan Markle revealed who will be the wedding singers for their big day.

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