The One Super Bowl Moment That Has the Internet Rolling With Laughter

February 05, 2018Feb 05, 2018

On Sunday, February 4, the Philadelphia Eagles became the Super Bowl Lll champions. The Eagles took on the New England Patriots and ended up winning with an 8 point lead. 

Since the game, fans across the United States have been commenting on the best and worst parts. Friends and family members have debated about offensive plays, ref calls, interviews, Pink's National Anthem performance, Carrie Underwood's song, and, of course, Justin Timberlake's highly anticipated halftime show. 

One of the most talked about moments of the Super Bowl took place during JT's topnotch performance. While the singer was dancing and singing through the crowd, the world got to meet a new Internet sensation, "Selfie Kid."

13-year-old Ryan McKenna was in the crowd when Justin Timberlake began walking toward him. In the footage (shown below) McKenna seemed to be more engaged with his phone than with the superstar inches away from him. The section with McKenna begins at 1:05. 

Selfie Kid became famous for two reasons- he got the selfie of a lifetime with Justin Timberlake, and, after he got the selfie, he seemed attached to his phone. Immediately, the Internet went wild. The footage went viral and McKenna got thousands of followers on social media. Additionally, hundreds of memes and Internet jokes were created. Below are a few examples:

On Monday morning, McKenna appeared on Good Morning America to talk about the moment. He said that it was incredible getting to take a selfie with Justin Timberlake and that he was looking down at his phone because of technical difficulties. Here is the final product of the selfie:

Did you see this moment during the Super Bowl? What did you think about it?! In other recent news, Carrie's performance left fans with one major question, and her team has revealed the answer.

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