‘The Office’ Star Gives Unexpected Apology After Bashing GOP Tax Bill

December 27, 2017Dec 27, 2017

Actress Jenna Fischer, best known for her popular role as “Pam” in the long-running “The Office” TV series, saw herself make headlines against after she posted a tweet rebuking the Republican tax plan that President Trump recently signed off on.

In her post on Twitter Saturday, Fischer wrote, according to Fox News, "I can't stop thinking about how school teachers can no longer deduct the cost of their classroom supplies on their taxes...something they shouldn't have to pay for with their own money in the first place. I mean, imagine if nurses had to go buy their own syringes. #ugh.”

Her tweet went viral, but then others on Twitter began pointing out the inaccuracy of her claim.



Fischer deleted her tweet and wrote a lengthy apology on Wednesday, emphasizing the need for accuracy and admitting that she was tempted for a moment to leave her tweet up in order to keep a “great dialogue” about teaching supplies going.

“I feel genuinely bad about getting my facts wrong and I’m sorry,” she wrote. “I did not mean to spread misinformation.”

She continued, “For a minute I thought, ‘Maybe I don’t need to delete my tweet because it started a great dialogue about how teachers shouldn’t have to go out of pocket to pay for school supplies! I love teachers! True, I had a fact wrong about the tax deductions. But, I’ve started a dialogue!’”

But Fischer knew that to be wrong and wrote, “Listen, I love a good dialogue. In fact, what I treasure most about our democracy is the dialogue we share with each other, through conversations, social media and the press. But part of having a dialogue involves listening and learning and admitting when you’re wrong.”


She credited her parents for teaching her to accept responsibility for her mistakes. Many people, including Washington Examiner commentary writer Emily Jashinsky, praised Fischer for her attitude.

In a piece entitled "Dear celebrities: Be more like Jenna Fischer," Jashinsky wrote, "Humility is not a trait often associated with celebrities, but Fischer's letter of apology, which as of this writing had surpassed 90,000 likes on Twitter, sets a helpful example for her peers. People appreciate honesty. They don't want to be misinformed."

She added, "Despite common refrains to the contrary, celebrities' political opinions matter. Their platforms are massive, and though people who care about politics might not see them as credible news sources, plenty of people do."

"Hopefully the positive response she received will help other celebrities understand it's okay to apologize, and even better to apologize with humility and grace," Jashinsky concluded.

Read Fischer's full apology below:


It’s been rumored that “The Office” is returning to TV with a new season that will involve some of the same cast members, but Fox News says that is “nowhere near confirmed.”

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