The Nursing Home And Preschool All In One

June 25, 2015Jun 25, 2015



Providence Mt. Saint Vincent is a nursing home outside of Seattle, Washington that houses over 400 elderly patients.  Also within the building is a preschool.  It is a an experiment that is the subject of an upcoming documentary film, “Present Perfect”.

A large number of elderly people live in or experience isolation.  Not having people to talk to and share with can lead to loneliness and depression.  The effects of depression can lead to mental and physical decline.  In a nursing home, there isn’t much to be happy about.  The time there can feel like a slow ride down a dead-end street.  The friends you make disappear one by one.

On the other end of the spectrum, kids are free spirits with no realization of the boundaries of time.  They are filled with vast untapped potential that won’t be fully realized for decades.  

While they are separated by up to 90 years in age, both groups can learn from each other.  The elderly have deep wells of experience and knowledge that the kids can glean from.  The children offer the elderly the worry-free wonder of youth.  It is truly a match made in heaven.  

This beautiful film explores what it is like growing up and growing old in America.