The Numbers Don’t Lie: The Democratic Party Is In Deep Trouble

December 18, 2015Dec 18, 2015

You would never know it by the coverage from the mainstream media, but the Democratic party and the overly liberal agenda that they are forcing on Americans is out of touch with reality and with the majority of Americans.

The overwhelming coverage from the major media outlets is negative and condescending towards Republicans and Conservatives.  They no longer cover the news in any fair or unbiased manner. 

The reason for the liberal mainstream media’s hate filled coverage and extreme bias is because they need to promote the liberal agenda as hard as they can to win votes for their candidates and pray that the evangelical voters don’t show up to the polls again this election.

If the Republicans, Conservatives, and Evangelicals unified and showed up to vote, the GOP nominee would win the presidency without question. 

As an example of the overwhelming reach of the Republican party and the American values for which the majority of American citizens embrace, the number of viewers for the latest GOP debate more than doubles that of the Democratic debate.

The last Democratic debate garnered 8.5 million views.  The country saw them pander to social movements and declare climate change as a bigger threat than radical Islamic terrorist.  They clamored for the guns of law-abiding citizens and promised free college and more taxes.

Compare that to Tuesday nights GOP debate, in which over 18.5 million people tuned in to watch a discussion rooted in the issues that affect Americans the most.  Out of the 5 GOP debates, the lowest viewership was 13 million.  Even the undercard debate on Tuesday garnered 5.7 million viewers.

Americans have spoken with their remote.  Now they will need to speak through their vote.