The Number 1 Pick for the 2018 NFL Draft Announced

April 27, 2018Apr 27, 2018

Each year, millions of football fans gather to see who will be drafted into the NFL. Teams and fans anxiously await to find out if their organization will be adding a superstar to their ranks.

On Thursday night, the 2018 NFL Draft officially kicked off! There were some major surprises and some awesome picks! As was expected, everyone in the building was anxiously awaiting the first pick. This year, the honor of picking the first player fell to the Cleveland Browns.

Many wondered who they would choose. Some expected them to take a great offensive player, but there was still debate over the position of that player. Now, the wait is over and the question has been answered. The Brown's selected Baker Mayfield 1st overall! Watch the video below to see the moment Baker got the call. He was surrounded by his family.

The below video shows the awesome moment the team called Baker and told him the exciting news. They told him not to cry, but to enjoy the moment with his family. They even asked him a hilarious question that he had probably waited his whole life to hear!

What do you think about this? Let us know! Also, be sure to read our breaking news story about the super popular store that has just announced they're closing hundreds of locations!

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